2K Bible

Bible is the most important time of the school day for two-year-olds.  Bible time includes hymns, choruses, memory verses, prayer time and the Bible lesson.  Through the Bible stories and application, children will receive a firm foundation in Biblical principles that can continue to be developed as they progress into preschool.  Bible time reinforces Godly character development. 


Curriculum – ABEKA Book 


Goals and objectives –

-         The students will learn to memorize Bible verses

-         The students will receive a broad exposure to many favorite hymns and choruses.

-         The students will learn the importance of prayer as they listen to the teacher pray and

-          participate in prayer time

-         The students will learn a Biblical application that can be applied to their daily activities
          and lives


Bible Stories -


Adam and Eve

Noah Obeys God

Abraham and Lot

Isaac, the Promised Son

Joseph/Baby Moses

Hannah Prays

Samuel Listens to God

David and Goliath

King David is Kind

Elisha’s Home

Naaman and the Servant Girl

Lions Can’t Hurt Daniel

The First Thanksgiving

Queen Esther


Jesus is Born

Kings Worship Jesus

Jesus’ Boyhood

Follow Me

The Woman at the Well           

Fishing with Jesus/Heaven

Jesus Stills the Storm

Jesus Feeds 5000

Peter is Freed

Jesus Heals the Lepers

Jesus Heals the Children

Jesus Loves the Children

The Good Samaritan

Jesus Heals the Blind

Children Praise Jesus

Jesus Dies and Arises

Easter Story