2K Language Development

Two-year olds learn the shape and sound of each letter of the alphabet.  Fun games are used during Phonics and Language Development to motivate the children and to make learning enjoyable and engaging.  Finger plays, songs, and poems provide delightful ways to use the two-year old child’s natural love of poetry and music to enhance their language development.


Curriculum – ABEKA Book


Goals and Objectives  -

-  The students will begin to form letters appropriately

-  The students will be able to say the sound of each letter

-  The students will be able to recognize and name each letter of the alphabet

-  The students will develop their language skills

-  The students will increase their skills and ability to listen and follow directions

-  The students will build and strengthen their motor skills as they participate in movement   
   through fun games and activities.

-  The students will develop an appreciation of God’s creation as they learn about  
    the world around them.