3K Bible

Three-year-old students will be exposed to Bible stories and songs that will help them learn who Jesus is.  Through flannel graph stories and art work, they will learn about different characters in the Bible who loved, trusted, and obeyed God.  The language development of students will be enriched through memorization of many Bible verses that reinforce good character traits and the ability to make right choices.


Curriculum – Voyages, Exploring God’s World by Concordia 


Goals and objectives -

                  To recall and dictate various Bible stories

                  To verbally describe details of the story

                  To tell the Bible story to an adult

                  To role-play and act out the Bible stories

                  To recite Bible verses through active listening and participation

                  To apply Biblical principles in daily activities

                    To recognize and identify Bible characters.

                  To identify Bible characters through listening to details of a story

                   To practice social habits of courtesy, sharing, cooperation, respect, and 
                    self control.