3K Numbers

Students will be introduced to various aspects of numbers and number readiness to lay the foundation for future success in math.  This includes hand-on opportunities for exploring spatial relationships, sorting and sequencing and recognizing colors and shapes.  The children will learn to recognize numbers as well as matching, tracing and listening skills.  Students are provided with opportunities to succeed by the implementation of multiple learning strategies and incorporating circle time, small groups, and individual instruction as well as learning centers.  Learning games, finger plays and songs involving math concepts are used daily to motivate the children and make learning enjoyable and fun.


Curriculum – ABEKA Book


Goals and Objectives  - 

-         To orally count from 1-50

-         To recognize and identify numerals 1-30

-         To demonstrate a knowledge of the concept of numbers 1-15 through various   
          counting experiences with a variety of objects 

-         To demonstrate a knowledge of spatial relationships such as long/short, tall/short,    

-         To develop their fine motor skills through bead stringing, cutting, lacing, button and
          snap frames, sorting objects by color and size

-         To strengthen their tactile development through materials providing sensory

-         To discriminate and identify objects by touch

-         To develop the ability to practice social habits of courtesy, sharing, cooperation,
          respect and self-control through small group learning experiences

-         To develop a willingness to take turns and share

-         To develop a sense of independence

-         To establish routine physical habits, work habits and self-discipline

-         To participate in finger plays and songs involving math concepts