3K Science


 Things that float & sink

                        Color search - mixing with paint

                        Homemade rainbows - water table

                        Colored paddles - shaving cream

                        Apple prints

                        Making applesauce

                        Parts of apple - measure peels

                        Why does an apple dry up?

                        Pumpkin carving – count seeds, measure & weigh

                        Eye - Hide & Peek, binoculars

                        Hear - “The City Mouse and the Country Mouse”

                        Touch - touch games; fingerprint fun

                        Smell - cooking

                        Taste - blindfold and taste; peanut butter balls

                        Bird Feeder; pointsetter & other Christmas flowers



                        Observe clouds

                        Weather wheel

                        Touch the clouds


                        Dental Health

                        Egg in a coke

                        Tooth powder

                        Pond Life


                        Butterfly; Metamorphosis

                        Butterfly brownie

                        Ocean Life

                        Wave bottles


                        Parts of a fish (Japan fish painting)

                        Sink & Float


                        Seeds with cotton

                        Carnation with food color added to water

                        Seed collection

                        Plants we eat

                        Carrot tops