3rd Grade Curriculum

Bible class involves listening to Bible stories, singing songs, memorization of weekly Scripture verses, and prayer/praise time. All lessons are intended to develop a love for God and build character. The following Bible stories are taught in third grade:

Jesus in the Beginning

Jesus' Disciples

Jesus' Teaching

Jesus' Parables

Jesus' Miracles

Jesus' Death and Resurection

Paul's Missionary Work

The Work Goes On



Third grade arithmetic will challenge students to think and apply concepts that have been introduced in previous grades as well as new math applications. The following skills will be taught:  

Place value to the millions
Ordinal numbers
Rounding to the nearest 100
Counting by multiples of various numbers
Addition and subtraction (families 1-18, carrying, & borrowing)
Multiplication and division tables 1-12
Multiplication (up to four digits by a two-digit factor)
Long division
Symbols (,=)
Simple Algebraic Equations
Problem solving
Money (counting, making change, rounding, & decimal points)
Graphs and statistics
Calendar components
Telling time
Fractions (adding, subtracting, comparing, reducing, & mixed numbers)
Decimals (adding, subtracting, & fractional equivalents)
Measurement (temperature, length, & dry/liquid units)
Roman numerals (1-1000)
Geometric Shapes (rhombus, trapezoid)


Each unit student's encounter consists of a reading-writing connection, composition, and language skills. In the reading-writing connection students will view a model of the composition to be studied. During the composition focus students will concentrate on the writing process (prewriting, drafting, responding and revising, proofreading, and publishing). The language focus gives students instruction in the parts of speech, word usage, mechanics, and vocabulary development. Dade Christian School's goal is that each student not only develop clear and effective oral and written communication skills, but also gain confidence in his/her abilities. Topics are as follows:  

Composition Focus
Personal Narrative
Information Paragraph
Friendly Letter
Descriptive Paragraph
Persuasive Paragraph
Language Focus


The reading objectives in third grade include comprehension, critical thinking skills, identifying story elements, context clue usage, vocabulary acquisition, and decoding skills. These reading elements will be strengthened by guided and independent reading in class readers, children's literature, and content area books. Dade Christian School wants students not only to master reading, but also encourages students to independently pursue it.


To achieve the goals of challenging and expanding student's vocabulary and spelling development, students are taught strategies that target specific spelling patterns. The spelling words are successfully integrated throughout the subject areas which extend the meaning.


The science curriculum will enable students to become scientifically literate. Students will acquire knowledge, processing skills, and attitudes that will help them identify and solve science-related problems. Scientific knowledge will be acquired by observing, comparing, classifying, interpreting, estimating, communicating, planning and conducting simple investigations, measuring, predicting, inferring, drawing conclusions, hypothesizing, formulating, identifying and experimenting. Topics for study are as follows:  

Life Science
Animals Interaction of Plants and Animals

Earth Science
Minerals, Rocks, and Fossils
Earth's Resources
The Water Cycle
The Solar System

Physical Science
Forces and Motion


Students will become aware of their communities and understand their importance. Throughout the year students will gain knowledge in history, geography, economics, government, citizenship, and culture. Topics for study are as follows:

Learning About Communities

Communities of Different Sizes

Our Physical Geography

Our Human Geography

Our History Through Time and Place

Our Country's History



Our American Culture

Cultures Around the World