4K Bible

Bible time is the most important portion of our four-year-old school day and by its nature, it is the most interesting. The Voyage Exploring God’s World materials along with the ABeka Book visual cards gives us a successful method of presenting the Bible through the telling of stories of the Old and New Testament. The Bible lessons  flow from the Word of God through the heart, soul, and mind of the child.  Bible time includes singing of hymns, and choruses, prayer time reciting memory verses, and the actual Bible lesson.


Curriculum – Voyages, Exploring God’s World by Concordia 


Goals and objectives 

To learn about the Bible and how to apply its principles to life

To listen and recall Bible stories

To recite Bible verses  

To recognize and identify Bible characters

To develop proper social habits of courtesy, sharing, cooperation, respect, and self-control


Sequential Order of Lessons:

Creation Parts 1-2

Adam and Eve

Noah and the Flood

Jacob’s Dream


David and Jonathan 

Naaman Is Healed

Daniel and the Lions

Praise the Lord

God Hears Our Prayers

God Gives Us a Savior  


The Fall into Sin  

Noah and the Flood  

The First Thanksgiving, Part 1 and 2         


God Gives Us a Savior

Jesus Is Born  

Angels Tells the Shepherds     

Shepherds Worship Jesus   

Simeon and Anna 

The Boy Jesus at the Temple  

Jesus Choose 12 Disciples   

Jesus Blessed the Children

A Forgiving Father

Ten Men with Leprosy

Jesus Feeds 5,000