4K Numbers

Students in 4K will learn to recognize and understand the concepts of numbers as they begin their journey in mathematics.  Included in the various aspects of this program, the children will learn to count from 1 to 100, recognize 1-20, distinguish before and after numbers and answer simple combinations.

A variety of manipulatives, finger plays, games, and songs are used to motivate the children who need to see and handle as well as hear what is being taught so they can move from concrete ideas to more abstract concepts they will encounter in higher grades. The various materials supplied provide strong visual support for the concepts.

A skills development time is set aside each day to strengthen listening, fine motor coordination, eye-hand coordination, visual perception, and writing skills.  The children enjoy a wide variety of activities such as free art, stencil art, books, and manipulatives such as building blocks, puzzles, lacing cards, beads, etc.


Curriculum –



Goals and Objectives -

                        To understand the concepts of numbers and their families.

                        To count orally to 100

                        To recognize numbers 1-20

                        To write numbers 1-20

                        To identify larger/smaller and before/after

                        To practice addition combinations with sums up to ten

                        To understand objects in comparisons of size and shape

                        To manipulate objects in relation to size and number

                        To explore and describe similarities, differences, and the attributes of things

                        To distinguish and describe shapes

                        To sort and match

                        To compare attributes (longer/shorter, bigger/smaller)

                        To compare objects (one to one correspondence)


Sequential Order of Lessons –

                         - counting 1-10

                        - recognizing and understanding concept of 1-6

                        - writing 1

                        - counting 1-20

                        - recognizing and understanding concept of 7-9, 0

                        - writing 2-7

                        - counting 1-40

                        - recognizing and understanding concept of 10-12

                        - writing 8-10

                        - counting 1-60

                        - recognizing and understanding the concept of 13-17

                        - Number Family concept

                        - concept of larger and smaller

                        - writing 11-14

                        - counting 1-90

                        - recognizing and understanding the concept of 18-20

                        - writing 15

                        - counting 1-100

                        - Before and after numbers

                        - concept of more and less

                        - combinations 1+1=2 through 9+1=10

                        - writing 16-20