5K Academic Program

A comprehensive five-year-old Kindergarten program has been created to challenge students to develop their skills in the intellectual, spiritual, physical, and social realms.  Along with Bible, Phonics, Reading, Language Development, Writing, Numbers, Science, and History, we utilize interest centers, units, and theme topics in a combination of group and individual instruction.  The A Beka curriculum is used to give a more traditional approach to learning along with other resources to enhance learning and retention of foundational academic and spiritual knowledge.   An emphasis is also placed on social interaction among the students, giving them opportunities to develop social values, sharing, group acceptance, independence, and dependability. 


Physical Education is included as part of the daily schedule for 5K students.  In addition Enrichment classes for all 5K students consist of Art, Computers, Music, Spanish and Library Skills.  Students attend each of these classes once per week.