5K Math

The purpose of 5K Math class is to expose students to different aspects of Math.  Students will focus on Math readiness and number concepts.  There is a balanced design which presents conceptual Math such as patterns, attributes, shapes, designs, graphing, estimation, comparisons, various types of measurement, time, money, oral Math problems, one to one correspondence, tan grams, ordinal numerals, along with the more traditional Math skills of counting, set development and early introductions of addition and subtraction (I Corinthians 14:40).


Curriculum –

      ABEKA Book


Goals and Objectives –

            To have an understanding of basic math facts

            To recognize repeat patterns

            To explain the concept of a graph

            To estimate and guess number of objects

            To compare objects (One to one correspondence)

            To measure objects using rulers, scales, and clocks

            To count to 100 by 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's

            To add and subtract to 10

            To tell the value of different coins

            To add coins

            To recite the days of the week, and the months of the year

            To use a calendar

            To tell time to the hour and the half hour

            To solve one step story problems

            To recognize numbers and their value 1-100

            To use number words one to ten

            To work with the concept of before and after numbers

            To follow directions

            To determine colors

            To identify numbers and number words

            To recognize number families

            To write from 1-100 by 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's


Sequential Order of Lessons -

            - counting 1-10

            - recognition of number and concept of 1-5

            - positional words

            - recognition of number and concept of 6-8

            - shapes; circle and triangle

            - money; Pennies

            - concept of larger, smaller and same size

            - counting 11-19

            - recognition of number and concept of 9-12

            - concept of greater than

            - concept of after numbers

            - concept of longer, taller, and shorter

            - recognition of number and concept of 13-14

            - number family concept

            - ordinal numbers 1st-5th

            - recognition of numbers 15-59

            - recognition and value of the nickel      

            - time to the hour

            - adding on one

            - recognition of numbers 60-100

            - counting by 10's to 100

            - recognition and value of the dime

            - after numbers

            - adding zero

            - combinations 1-5 addition families

            - ordinals 6th-10th

            - counting by 5's to 100

            - calendar

            - number words one-ten

            - fractions 1/2

            - time to the half-hour   

            - counting by 2's

            - time to the quarter hour

            - recognition and value of a quarter

            - adding unlike coins

            - before and between numbers to 100

            - smallest to largest number concept

            - combinations 8-9 addition families

            - subtract 1 and subtract all of a number

            - concept of an inch

            - combinations 10 addition families