5th Grade Curriculum


The purpose of the fifth grade Bible curriculum is to educate students to implement in their lives the lessons learned through the study of Old Testament characters. Students will be challenged to make proper choices and to share the Truth in word and deed both in and beyond school.




The purpose of fifth grade mathematics is to strengthen the students' arithmetic skills to prepare them for a higher level of mathematical content. The five goals for students include realizing mathematics is for everyday use, to master multiplication and division 0-12 families, to become math problem solvers, to become confident in their ability to do math, and to learn to communicate mathematically. Students will master the following:

Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division facts and terminology
Place value
Borrowing and carrying
Four-digit multiplication
Three-digit division
Story problems
Roman numerals
English and Metric measures
Converting measures
Least common Multiple
Divisibility Rules

Algebraic Equations
Reading a thermometer
Converting Celsius/Fahrenheit
Solving equations
Scale drawings



The purpose of the reading curriculum is to expose students to different genres of literature as well as strengthen their reading comprehension level. These areas will be addressed through the use of reading, listening, and speaking. Activity book reports are part of the reading curriculum. This curriculum will also strengthen the students' spelling skills and foster a broader vocabulary. The students will be evaluated on their knowledge of the literature being read, as well as their spelling and vocabulary skills. The students will also explore several novels written by varied authors.

These will include the following:
Trophies - Voyages
From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler


Language Arts  

The purpose of this curriculum is to expose students to develop in them an understanding of the varied aspects of the Language Arts. Reading, writing, listening, and speaking all play an intricate role. Students will produce writings as follows:

Personal journal
Personal narrative
Descriptive paragraph
Book reports
Comparison & contrast paragraphs
Persuasive paragraph
Friendly letters
Business letters


The purpose of the science class is to expose students to the scientific method of investigation and the critical thinking skills, as well as the scientific process and its applications when attempting to prove or disprove a hypothesis. The science units will be taught from a Christian perspective, always stressing biblical foundations, truth, and teachings with regards to God as Creator. These units are as follows:

Natural Cycles

Life Cycles


Building Blocks of Matter

Electricity & Magnetism

Weather & Climate

Sun, Earth, and Moon






The purpose of the History/Geography class is to expose the students to the study of people, history, geography, economics, culture and the government of the United States. Students will also study the relationship between the United States and varying countries through studies, which include the following:

Sequencing events
Summarizing data
Making predictions
Inferring relationships
Making decisions
Formulating opinions
Working with time lines
Identifying sources of information
Working with maps and globes
Working with tables, graphs and charts
Valuing the rights of citizenship
Showing respect for heritage

Projects: State Project