1st Grade Phonics

 The purpose of first grade Phonics is to set the foundation for the students’ future reading success by mastering the phonetic rules and using them as building blocks to whole word reading.  The students will be exposed to word analysis consisting of syllables, contractions, antonyms, synonyms, word families, sight words, homonyms and compound words.

 Curriculum -    



Goals and Objectives -

Short Vowel Sounds

To recite all of the vowels

To say the sounds of each vowel

To write short vowel words

To write the vowel they hear in a spoken word

To circle a vowel among  a group of consonants

To mark a vowel, with the correct short vowel mark, in a word

Long Vowels (Two-vowel rule)

To recite the two vowel rule

To mark the two vowels in a word correctly

To write two vowel words with a consonant in between

To read words with the two vowel rule in the sequence 

To mark vowels when side by side

To read words with long vowels in the pattern

To read words with long vowels in short words that end in a single vowel

To mark vowels in words that end in a single vowel

To write words with long vowels in the pattern and ending in a single vowel

Initial Consonant Sounds and Final Consonant Sounds

To recognize initial consonant sound and final consonant sound

To write the letter when they hear the initial consonant sound and the final consonant sound

To list words that begin or end with that letter

To choose the correct word from a group of words given, that have the same initial consonant spoken to them


To recognize all of the letters

To determine and say the sound when a letter is given

To write all of the letters

To choose the correct letter from a group when the letter or sound is spoken to them


To read a blend smoothly

To write the blend they hear

To complete a blend to make a word

Chart Rules

To recite all the charts

To circle the rules in words

To write the rule in a word given orally

To give other examples of words that have the same rule as a given word

To choose the correct word from a group that has the same rule as the word spoken or written

Sight words

To memorize lists of sight words

To use the specified sight words in a sentence

To read sight words in a story

Rhyming Words

To match rhyming words

To say other words that rhyme with a given word

To determine that the initial sounds of the two rhyming words are different

To make lists of rhyming words

To say the sound that both rhyming words share

To match rhyming words that are not in the same word family

To pick the rhyming words from a group of words


To say the opposite of a word given

To match opposites on the board and paper

ABC Order

To write a few select letters in the correct order

To put two and three words in ABC order

To put words in ABC order to the 2nd letter

To number a group of four words in ABC order

To put spelling words in ABC order

To put words in ABC order to the 3rd letter


To identify a contraction

To say the new contraction from two words

To write contractions in a sentence

To pick the correct contractions out of a group when a sentence is read to them


To tell how many syllables are in a given word

To divide a given word with a line to show where the syllables start and stop

Prefixes and Suffixes

To circle prefixes and suffixes

To say the root word without the prefix and suffix

To identify the word with a prefix and suffix from a group of words

To use er and est correctly

To spell words correctly when adding suffixes and prefixes

Synonyms and Homonyms

To list different synonyms

To match homonyms