2nd Grade Language


The purpose of second grade language is to give students the very best experiences in listening, speaking, reading and writing so that they will be able to think and communicate with increasing skills and confidence.


Curriculum –



Goals and Objectives –

The student will be able to:

write a sentence about a picture utilizing the writing process

recognize that a sentence can tell a main idea

identify the naming and telling part of a sentence

identify correct word order

identify kinds of sentences

study and publish a personal story that includes details in order about the topic

write stories which focus on the use of nouns and pronouns

publish a friendly letter

generate and use verbs in writing

use describing words to make writing clear to the reader

publish a paragraph that describes

read and respond to a story

publish a story

understand that in a “how to” paragraph the steps should be in the correct order

publish a “how to” paragraph


Skills –

Unit I:

Read and respond to sentences that tell about pictures.

Use details in a picture to write a sentence that tells what the picture is mostly about.

Writing process:  prewriting, drafting, responding and revising, proof reading, publishing.

What is a sentence?

Naming part of a sentence.

Telling part of a sentence.

     1. Word order in a sentence

     2.  Statements

     3.  Question

     4.  Exclamations

     5.  Rhyming words

     6.  Write a personal story

     7.  Sequencing events

     8.  Grouping ideas by topics

     9.   Synonyms

Unit 2:

Write a personal story

Sequencing events

Grouping ideas by topics


Naming words for people and animals

Naming words for places and things

Nouns that name more than on add s

More nouns that name more than on add es

Other nouns that name more than one change spelling

Nouns that name special people and animals

Nouns that name special places

Days, months and holidays

Words that take the place of nouns

The pronouns I and Me

Compound words


Unit 3:

Learn parts of a friendly letter

Write a friendly letter

Action verb

Verbs that tell about now

Verbs that tell about the past

The verbs Is and Are

The verbs Was and Were


Unit 4:

Write a paragraph that describes

Describe words

Describing words for shape and color

Describing words for size and number

Describing words for taste, smell, feel and sound

Describing words for feelings

Describing words with er and est


Verbs that tell about new or the past

The verbs Is, Are, Was and Were

The verbs Has, Have and Had

Helping verbs



Unit 5:

Verbs that tell about new or the past

The verbs Is, Are, Was and Were

The verbs Has, Have and Had

Helping verbs

The verbs Come and Run

The verbs Go and Do

The verbs See and Give



Unit 6:

Write a “How To” paragraph

Sequencing events


Names, titles of people, I

Names of special places

Days of the week

Months of the year


Titles of books, stories and poems

Friendly letter

Addressing an envelope