2nd Grade Math

Second grade reinforces concepts and skills presented in First Grade as well as introduce new ones. Students will participate in activities that stimulate auditory, kinesthetic, and visual processes.  In addition to mastering math applications, children are encouraged to find creative strategies to solve for correct answers. Students will be working on the following skills:

Counting to 1,000 (by ones, twos, threes, fours, & fives)
Place value to the ten thousands
Ordinal numbers
Rounding to the nearest 10
Addition and Subtraction Families 1-18
Borrowing and Carrying to the ten thousands
Problem solving
Geometry (shapes, planes, vertexes, symmetry, & perimeter)
Money (counting, making change, & decimal points)
Roman numerals
Calendar components
Telling time
Measurement (temperature, length, & dry/liquid units)
Multiplication and division facts 1-5 & 10
Fractional parts

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