2nd Grade Phonics


The curriculum is designed with a phonetic approach to teaching reading and learning how to read.  Reading skills are developed through the mastery of all of the special phonics rules and the logical phonics system.  A natural love for reading is developed in students as they are exposed to interesting, challenging, and well written texts that are also geared toward the development of Christian character.


Curriculum –



Goals and Objectives –

The students will gain knowledge of phonics by oral teaching, reviewing the phonics charts, flash cards and clue word cards.  The students will then be able to apply these rules to words which will enable them to read fluently.


Sequential Order of Lessons –

Phonics charts 1-9

Short vowels, consonants, blends

One-vowel rule

Long vowels

Two-vowel rule

Use of ll, ff, er, ss, at the end of a word

Use of u with q

Use of k or c before a vowel

Use of ck or ke at the end of a word

Phonics tests begin (lesson 9)

Rhyming words

Syllables and parts of words

Beginning sentences with a capital letter

Ending sentences with a period

Definition of a sentence

Accented syllables

Suffix - s can say “s” or “z”

Root words and suffixes

Compound words


Phonics charts 10-12

Days of the week

At beginning of a word, a usually says “u”

Word division:  between double consonants / root words and suffixes / a vowel and a consonant.

Month of the year

Word division:  between two consonants that are not alike / two vowels

Alphabetical order: cat, lion, rooster

Doubling the final consonant

Using ‘s to show ownership

Question mark



Phonics chart 13

Dropping the silent e

Alphabetical order:  bat, bed, box, big, cot

Exclamation point

Changing y to I

Using guide words to find words in a glossary

Capitalizing word “I”

Using words correctly:  sit, sat, set; two, too, to

Capitalizing names of persons/pets

Using words correctly:  may, can; right write; teach, learn; blue, blew

Capitalizing names of holidays and special days

Recognizing singular and plural spellings of words


Three kinds of sentences:  declarative, interrogative, exclamatory

Review of topics introduced all year