2nd Grade Spelling


Students will receive spelling lessons that will help them to apply their phonics and language skills as they become skilled spellers.  Spelling skills will enable students to become good writers and help them build words, sentences and stories.  Daily oral and written reviews, activities and contests will encourage students to continue to build strong spelling skills.


Curriculum –



Goals and Objectives –

The students will be able to:

reinforce phonics rules

enhance handwriting skills

apply phonetic rules in their spelling

become independent spellers through sounding out words and applying phonics rules


Sequential Order of Lessons –

First Nine Weeks:

Lessons 1-49

During the first few days of school, phonics and reading are the main emphasis;

therefore, spelling is not introduced until lesson 9, one spelling list will be

introduced each week

Emphasize ck / ke rule:  Use ck at the end of a long-vowel word

Emphasize e in me, o in go, y in fly, sh in ship, th in thick, th in this

Emphasize bl in block, cl in clock, fl in flake, gl in blue, pl in plane

Emphasize fr in frog, tr in train, cr in crab, pr in pray, br in bride, dr in drum,

gr in grin

Emphasize st in stop, sm in smoke, sn in snack, sl in sleep, sw in swim

Emphasize spl in splash, spr in sprain, scr in scream, squ in squeak, thr in three


Second Nine Weeks:

Lessons 50-89 / Phonics charts 10-13

Use of ay in pray, sc in scat, sk in skate

Use of ar in stars, or in morning


Use of ou in out, ow in owl, ow in bowl

Use of er in verse, ur in nurse, ir in bird, wor in worms

Use of oo in book, oo in tooth

Use of igh in night, ite words

Use of oy in boy, oi in coin, kn in knot, all in ball, alk in walk

List 14 contains words related to Christmas and is for the students’ enjoyment.  Do not test this list

Use of ang, ing, ong, ung, ank, ink, onk, unk


Third Nine Weeks:

Lessons 90-134

Use of ed in wanted, ed in played, ed in looked

Use of wh in whale, wh in who, ch in church, tch in patch

Use of ear in earth, ear in bear, ear in ear

Suffixes:  y, er, est, ly, en, es

Use of mb in lamb, ild in child, ind in kind, old in gold

Use of ew in flew, ew in few, au in faucet, aw in saw

Use of ie in brownie, ey in key, ey in obey

Use of ought, ough, ph, aught, ch


Fourth Nine Weeks:

Lessons 135-170

Use of o in shovel, a in banana

Use of ea in leaf, ea in thread, ea in steak, eigh in eight

g in grant, dge in judge, c in city

Prefixes:  a-, al-, be-, en-, un-

Use of ould in could, u in push, on in country, -ful in beautiful

Use of wr in wrinkle, wa in wash, war in warm, or in morning, or in sailor, ar in dollar

Use of are in care, air in hair, ire in fire, arr in carry, err in cherry

Review all topics introduced