Frequently Asked Questions


How do I enroll my student in your school?
The first step in the enrollment process is to contact the Admissions Office at 305-827-8767 and schedule an appointment for touring and testing. The Admissions Office is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


How much is tuition and how are payments made?
Tuition costs vary depending on the grade level, please refer to the Rate Schedule for complete information. Payments may be made monthly or annually.


What additional fees will occur, such as uniforms and lunch?
Parents may purchase uniforms directly from FlynnO’Harra Uniforms, please visit the School Uniforms page for details. A full-service cafeteria is available offering a wide range of choices. Cost depends on selection.


Do you have a financial aid program?
Yes, please visit the Financial Aid page under the Admissions tab for more information.


My child is in a gifted program. Will DCS challenge him/her academically?
Our curriculum, both in the elementary and secondary school, is geared to challenge students on both sides of the bell curve.  Additionally we offer honors classes, Advanced Placement courses, and three distinct diploma options for high school students.


Does your curriculum include enrichment classes?
Absolutely! Enrichment classes are an important part of our curricula and include Spanish, Computers, Art, Music, and Media Center.  Elementary students also have the option to take either Band or Choir, and secondary students may choose from a wide array of elective courses.


What is the student to teacher ratio?
In pre-school, the ratio is one teacher and assistant to thirteen students. In elementary, the ratio is one teacher and assistant to 23 students. Our class average in the junior and senior high is 17.


What is the youngest age group for school?
We admit students as young as two-years-old into our Two-Year-Old Kindergarten Program (2K). The 2K provides care that supports the cognitive, emotional and physical development stages of toddlers in a safe, happy and clean learning environment. For more information about our preschool, elementary and secondary programs, please contact the Admissions Office at 305-827-8767.