Financial Assistance Program


A limited amount of financial aid is available to qualified applicants. The maximum amount of tuition assistance is 15%.


• 5K-12th grade Full Time Students are eligible to apply.


• Student must be enrolled in order to apply for aid.
• Families receiving financial aid are required to pay their balance in full each month.
• Failure to pay within terms will result in the loss of aid awarded.
• Families must apply for Financial Aid every year.

• For High School Students (9th-12th Grade), Financial Aid will be assigned in Work Study Hours during the preceding summer.

• For families of students in grades 5K-8th, Financial Aid will be assigned in volunteer hours to be completed during the school year.


• Complete the FAST online application. When applying to FAST you are their client.
• A $43.00 fee is charged for their services.
• FAST will forward their recommendations to the school, and final decisions on financial aid are made by the Finance Committee.


• Returning Families Application Deadline: APRIL 15, 2017
• New Families Application Deadline: AUGUST 15, 2017