Research Resources

All students and faculty are encouraged to use the varied and free resources available through the public libraries in the county in which they live. The folloing resources can be accessed using the ID numbers assigned to users:

 librarylinksflat_copy Miami Dade Library Broward Library Nova Alvin Sherman Library

The ID numbers will also provide access to the resources of the Florida Electronic Library.



Select your topic to access resources.  


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Wall Street Journal
Miami Herald Online
Sun Sentinel
Search Engines
ALA Great Websites for Kids
Internet Public Library
Library Spot
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Language Arts

Visual Dictionary

Fun Brain K-8
Aplus Math
Math for Morons Like Us (Pre-Algebra to Calculus)

The Virtual Body
National Geographic Kids
Interactive United States History Maps
Christian Resources
Audrey's Christmas Page
ChristianAnswers Network
Faculty Resources
Read, Write, Think
Kathy Schrock
Dealing with Germs in the Classroom
CEC Lesson Plans

Research Tools

Visual OPAC

Visual OPAC 2

Visual OPAC pdf