Tuition & Scholarships

Current Tuition and Rates for 2020-2021

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*Monthly amounts based on a 12-month billing plan (June-May)
Grade Level Schedule Monthly* Annually
2K (2-Year-Old Kindergarten) Half Day (7am-12pm) $550 $6,600
2K (2-Year-Old Kindergarten) Full Day (7am-6pm) $650 $7,800
3K & 4K (3 & 4-Year-Old Kindergarten) Half Day (8am-12pm) $500 $6,000
3K & 4K (3 & 4-Year-Old Kindergarten) Full Day (8am-3pm) $600 $7,200
5K – 6th 8am-3pm $667 $8,000
7th – 12th 7:45am-3pm $708 $8,500


*Monthly amounts based on a 12-month billing plan (June-May)
Grade Level Monthly* Annually
3K & 4K (3 & 4-Year-Old Kindergarten) $45.83 $550
5K – 8th $70.83 $850
9th – 12th $79.17 $950

Security Assessment

*Monthly amounts based on a 12-month billing plan (June-May)
Grade Level Monthly* Annually
2K (2-Year-Old Kindergarten) – 12th $8.33 $100

Books & Materials (Due upon 1st tuition billing statement)

Grade Level Annually
2K (2-Year-Old-Kindergarten) $200
3K (3-Year-Old-Kindergarten) – 6th $350
7th – 12th $400

Complete Rate Sheet

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Scholarships Accepted*

Florida Tax Credit Scholarship (Income Based Award)

Gardiner Scholarship (Special Needs Award)

McKay Scholarship (Special Needs Award)

Family Empowerment Scholarship (Income Based Award)

*Acceptance of all students including those with awards and scholarships is determined through the admissions process and ultimately by administrative approval. Accommodations for students with special needs will also be reviewed and considered to ensure each student’s academic, spiritual, emotional, and social needs are met.

Student Life

Dade Christian School is committed to the education, growth and development of each student.

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There are many opportunities for parental involvement at Dade Christian.

Alumni Relations

The purpose of the alumni relations office is to connect alumni to the school and eachother.

Faculty and Staff

The DCS leadership team, through their character set an example for faculty and students.

Employment Opportunities

DCS is currently accepting applications/resumes for all subjects.

Admissions Information

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