Dive Club / M.E.S.S.


Mission Statement of M.E.S.S.


The purpose of the Marine Environmental Scuba Society is to give the student an  understanding of the ocean environment and the power of God’s creation. There is a threefold purpose of this program.

  1. To help understand the biotic part of creation and how all life in the ocean is interlinked with one another.
  2.  To help understand the abiotic aspect of how the oceans are affected by human interaction.
  3.  To help maintain the oceans and protecting God’s creations.

Certification Process

Several certification documents must be filled out and signed in order to be a member of the Dive Club. These documents are available to download and print. (Note: On mobile, open documents in new tab to view them.)

1. Tarpoon Lagoon Divers Academy Student / Training Agreement
2. Medical Statement (Participant Record)
3. Liability Release
4. Statement Of Understanding
5. Tarpoon Lagoon Divers Academy Course Record Information Sheet
6. Deco Divers SCUBA Liability

*Students must be in grades 9th-12th in order to join the Dive Club*


The cost of the class is $325.00. This includes boat fees, and the class itself. However, the cost does not cover mask, snorkel, fins, etc.

Here’s a video of our dive club

diving at Epcot’s Dive Quest!