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Academic Programs Based In Christian Principles

Dade Christian School strives to provide the best academic program possible in a Christian environment. Our students consistently test over one grade level above the national average on the Stanford Achievement Test. We offer an after school Advanced Academics program in the Elementary to provide an additional challenge to those students. In the secondary school we offer Honors classes, Advanced Placement classes, and Dual Enrollment classes in many subject areas.

Elementary School

Our elementary comprehensive courses recognize and appreciate the uniqueness of each child and seek to provide, for all children, an environment in which the child may learn new concepts and skills through concrete experiences and loving care.  Children are motivated to develop skills in the intellectual, spiritual, physical, and social realms… Read More

Secondary Clubs

DCS encourages student involvement in extracurricular activities. Participation will provide enjoyment and teach teamwork, leadership, discipline, and respect. These clubs offer experience in creativity, business occupations, world languages and cultures, law and government, honor societies, math and other academics subjects, among many other activities… Read More

Guidance Services

Dade Christian School is committed to the education, growth and development of each student. Within that commitment is the desire to foster and create a school environment rich in spiritual growth, opportunity and counsel.. Read More

Library & Media Center

The School Library Media Center provides students and teachers with services and resources that support and enrich the curriculum, provide literature enrichment, and assist in the development of a life-long appreciation for reading… Read More

Click here to learn more about our Accelerated Reader program!

Student Life

Dade Christian School is committed to the education, growth and development of each student.

Parent Information

There are many opportunities for parental involvement at Dade Christian.

Alumni Relations

The purpose of the alumni relations office is to connect alumni to the school and eachother.

Faculty and Staff

The DCS leadership team, through their character set an example for faculty and students.

Employment Opportunities

DCS is currently accepting applications/resumes for all subjects.

Admissions Information

In case you run into any questions, check out FAQ information.